WorkMan Agent 3.5


The purpose of WorkMan Agent is to provide companies with a fast tool to ease their inbound and outbound call activities.

Click to dial in browsers

When you are using Internet Explorer normal phonenumbers get detected and a click to dial link will be presented. In Firefox you can install the Telify add on and in Chrome there is one called Skype links.

Select, press hotkey and dial

If you are using a custom application where there is no option to make calls you can use global hotkeys to dial e.g. something like this. You select a text, then click a global hotkey such as CTRL+§ and Agent makes a new call for you.

Other features

Several more hotkeys can be added for faster callhandling. There can be hot-keys for answer call, hangup call and also pasting the incoming callerid to the application/field you are in for example in a bookingsystem you paste the callerid into the customer phonenumberfield.
Incoming calls flash phonenumber and name defined in the PBX-system but you can also use online search to do an Internet lookup. If you have your own system you can get the +WebAPI version and do your own integration/flash to call solution.
WorkMan Agent can behave in different ways if you want the window to popup or not et.c. Typically a discrete balloon popup is used.


 Download page for trial and brochures

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