WorkMan HVS


WorkMan HVS is a bridge between various property managements system (Micros-Fidelio, Hotsoft, Cenium et.c.) and the PBX (Avaya IP Office).

For the guest

The guest can order a wakeupcall and the reception can also order it for them. When it’s time to wake up the system calls the guest. If the guest has some external contact they can call a direct number to the IVR that then will transfer to a specific roomnumber in case that they know it.
We currently support Swedish, English, Finish and Norweigan. Other languages can be added by recording your own soundprompts.

For the hotel

All calls are logged and sent to the property management system. It also includes the number that they have called and length of call. Staff can enter cleaningcodes through the phone so that feedback on room statuses can be obtained. When a guest is checked in or out the phone can be locked for external calls.
If the PMS supports entering of wakeup through the system this can be sent and obtained from HVS.


The frontdesk has a tool where they can retrieve information about wakeups, call logs and other essential information about the system’s status.

Supported protocols and transports

We are constantly trying to expand the protocols we are supported but these are the ones we have at the moment:

  • Comtrol
  • Doro AX32 protocol
  • Doro Index Protocol (DIP)
  • FIAS
  • WorkMan HVS Protocol

Currently we support sending messages through RS232 (serial), TCP/IP
client connection and TCP/IP server mode. This might vary between different protocols.

Supported property management systems

Through the implemented protocols above we have access to a wide range of PMS and below are some of those we have worked with in the past. Comtrol for example allows us a wide range of PMS-integrations.

  • Cenium (Comtrol)
  • Micros Fidelio (FIAS)
  • Protel (FIAS)
  • Hotsoft (DIP)
  • Jupiter Hotel System (DIP) 

Always validate with a salesman if the current version of your PMS works with HVS and what features are supported. If you are missing a system from the list feel free to contact us so we can investigate and see if we can support it.

Extensions are logged using 3rd party TAPI and wakeup calls are handled using SIP trunks (TAPI Wave can be used on older installations). If you have multiple PBXes a second one can have a Remote TAPI service that logs calldata to the central HVS-system.